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How it Works/FAQ

  • What is 24/7
    24/7 M.A.N. com stands for Mobile Assistance Now and is a locally based online tool that provides delivery and disposal on demand by giving you access to certain mobile services such as unwanted item removal, junk and remains disposal, delivery and covered transport & more 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • How does 24/7 M.A.N. com work?
    Simply pick the date and the time block that you need your items removed or delivered or service provided then fill out the quick info page and either add to cart and pay instantly or make additional service requests and then pay.
  • What is a pick-up time limit?
    A pick up time limit starts when the van arrives and represents the time allowed for the unwanted items or junk to be loaded and removed
  • What is a pick-up and drop-off time limit?
    Pick-up time and drop-off time limit starts when the van arrives and is the time allowed for loading items, commuting to the drop-off location and completing delivery
  • What is Haul Sharing?
    Haul sharing is a form of delivery where any person or local community business can have packages/items delivered for an affordable cost by accepting same day delivery and sharing load space instead of expedited/dedicated delivery.
  • How do I request a Haul Share?
    Simply click on the "book a haul share" (on mobile click the menu icon first and then click on “book a haul share”) then locate your zip-code. and click book now. Then choose your preferred date and time block then on the right hand side where rates are located and simply scroll to find the zip code that you are delivering/transporting to then click on that zip code to show the rate then continue.. Any loads longer, taller or wider than 3 feet are not accepted with “Haul- Share”
  • .?What happens if a customer goes over their time limit?
    If you think you will exceed your time limit don’t worry, 15 minutes before your time is up you can simply go to the service and assistance page and choose ”more time” from the drop down box based on your desired amount of extended time
  • What happens when a load delivery is completed?
    Once a load delivery is completed a picture of item/s @ drop-off address are sent to phone and email as confirmation of delivery, Deliveries over a certain amount may be subject to mandatory signature by delivery recipient.
  • Can I pay for a disposal or delivery or haul share in person?
    As of now we are a cashless online payment only service provider.
  • ?Which zip-codes do we serve in?
  • What are our hours of operation?
    24/7 M.A.N. is a 24 hour online service
  • What is our cancellation and refund policy?
    Please be advised that cancellations made 1 hour or less before an appointment will be non-refundable. This includes appointments where our service provider is unable to access the property, is turned away, or the client is a no-show. To be eligible for refund, please provide cancellation notice at least 1 hour prior to your appointment. You can cancel an appointment thru our website If you choose to reschedule you must do so AFTER canceling. Rescheduling before canceling is prohibited. If 24/7 M.A.N. cancels an appointment with less than a 1 hour notice, a new appointment will be scheduled without penalty to the client, subject to availability. Or refund will be issued.
  • How do I track my loads or packages?
    To track your load/package simply click the location icon at the top of the page to get recent location updates up until your load /package has been delivered
  • What is a load?
    Loads can be all types of things not just packages but appliances or event equipment or flowers etc. and/or things to be disposed of such as unwanted/hazardous/junk items or deceased animals etc. Basically whatever needs to be disposed or delivered.
  • What is the maximum load dimensions?
    84” x 70” x 63” (length x width x height) in inches
  • Why is the haul sharing time limit 24 hours?
    Unlike standard delivery where the load leaves point A and heads straight to point B a haul share picks up multiple loads at once before starting delivery therefore needing more time to reach their destination and in certain instances if the haul share load is booked too late it might have to wait till opening hours of the drop off destination the next day for delivery to be completed thus the 24 hour limit
  • How do you contact us
    Contact is available through the website chat format.
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